Luxury Hotel Barge Cruises

Venice and Italy Luxury Hotel Barge Cruises

Italy is a country designed for hotel barge cruises. Its beautiful canals and rivers pass through diverse landscapes, from picturesque lagoon islands with their colourful houses, to wild beach dunes and pine woods with an abundance of birdlife. These waterways were once the ancient trade routes used by the Romans and the early Mediterranean settlers. They are perfect for gaining a real insight into the many cultures that have influenced the arts, architecture and history of the Venice region over many centuries.

Venice itself is the heart of any Italian cruise. The lagoon surrounding Venice and its magical islands, the Venice Lido beach, the fabulous private villas on the River Brenta all complement the many attractions of Venice including St Mark's Square, the Grand Canal, Bridge of Sighs and the many canal backwaters which reward exploration.

Cruising south through the Venice lagoon reach the fishing port of Chioggia and its cathedral with fabulous works of art. Your hotel barge then takes the River Po and Bianco Canal to the lakeside setting of the Renaissance city of Mantua. Excursions include the Estense Castle at Ferrera, noted for its moat, drawbridge, and sumptuous apartments.

Your hotel barge for this cruise in the Venice lagoon and Po Valley is La Bella Vita. This 20-passenger vessel was newly refitted in 2010 to high standards.

  • Venice
  • Mantua
  • Chioggia
  • Relaxed dining aboard La Bella Vita
  • Venice
  • Ferrara Castle
  • Gourmet Cuisine aboard La Bella Vita